Frequently asked questions

Where do I mail my order, exchange, payment, return, etc.?

Please send any mail items to: Dorian Studio Attn: Howard Green 4212 West Sunset Blvd Spokane, WA 99224

Where can I find a price sheet?

To obtain your school’s price sheet, please contact the school or Dorian Studio by filling out an online support form at

Why are there differences in price sheets for different schools?

Prices are determined between our studio and each school (and sometimes district) depending upon their needs, the volume of students, the services the school receives and the agreement year.

I missed Retake Day at my school?

Please contact us to find out if there are any upcoming In-Studio Retake Days. These pictures will not be used for the yearbook, but provide another opportunity to capture the best image for your order. You can locate the studio closest to you by going here

Can I have my pictures taken at another school nearby?

No, our system is set up to process the photos and orders by school. We do not have the authority to grant access to another school’s property.

I love my photos so can I order more?

Yes, of course! On the back of your picture package envelope is a Reorder Form. There is a Shipping & Handling charge of $5 for reordering. You may mail the completed Reorder form with a check or money order to: Dorian Studio Attn: Howard Green 4212 West Sunset Blvd Spokane, WA 99224

What if I don’t like my pictures?

If you are unhappy with your pictures for any reason, we offer no-cost retakes at school and in-studio. We will take a new image and reprint your package at no additional charge. Please have your student turn in your picture package to the photographer on Retake Day. This will be used as your ordering form. If you would like a specific background, write it prominently on the outside of the picture package. To find out when Retake Day is scheduled, please check with the school or the Dorian Customer Advocate Team at 1-800-826-3535. The other option would be to return the photos for a full refund. You may bend or fold the photos so they fit into a smaller envelope. Please include a note requesting a refund and your mailing address. Mail your package and note to: Dorian Studio Attn: Howard Green 4212 West Sunset Blvd Spokane, WA 99224 We will send your check to you within two weeks of receiving your photos.

I don’t like the background color I chose, can you change it?

Our background color is created at the time of the photo using a colored light gel and cannot be changed after the image is taken. Your background color can be changed by having your student attend Retake Day and having a new picture taken. Please be sure to put a note on the outside of your package so that it's noticeable and have your child ask the photographer to change the background color.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Cancellations and changes cannot be made once the order has been placed. We have a process that begins the moment the image is taken. Order data gets matched to the image immediately onsite. We can offer you half-off of another order of your choice along with a $5.00 shipping/handling charge. You are welcome to place the order over the phone using a Visa or MasterCard or you can send in a check or money order. If you are sending this in, please include your package selection, what picture day the photo is from, the name of the school, teacher, student, grade, a mailing address and a phone number. Put this sheet and your payment in a business envelope and mail it to: Dorian Studio Attn: Howard Green 4212 West Sunset Blvd Spokane, WA 99224. Another option is to wait to receive the pictures and return them for an exchange or a full refund to the address above.

The package that arrived is different than what I was expecting

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Personalization, background colors, image issues or sizing, please contact Customer Support by either filling out the online support form at or calling us at 1-800-826-3535 to verify your order.

I paid by check and did not receive my order?

We’re sorry your order has not yet arrived. Please visit your online banking account to view an image of the front and back of the check or request a copy from your bank. Then call us at 1-800-826-3535 to resolve any issues and receive your order. If the check has not cleared, please call us with your VISA or MasterCard at 1-800-826-3535.

Paid with a check that was returned

Returned checks are automatically sent to ChecXchange for collection. ChecXchange will attempt to deposit the check again, up to two times. If you would like to take care of the check before that happens please call ChecXchange at 1-800-208-2964. Your child will still receive any pictures ordered at their school.

How long do you keep images on file?

We keep all images for the current and prior school year on file. On June 1st we clear our servers of the oldest images in order to make room for the upcoming school year.

Product Descriptions

Personalization is NOT available on Specialty Items (the Acrylic Desktop Plaque, the Classic Black and White Pack, Premium Metal Magnet, 2 Piece Diecut Magnet or the Image Download).

Difference between Basic Retouching and Premium Retouching

Our Basic Retouching will soften prominent facial blemishes. The Premium Retouching eliminates blemishes, whitens eyes and teeth and reduces stray hairs. We do not do any retouching on group images.

What is a Class Composite vs. a Class Group?

The Class Composite is a yearbook style page. It includes a photograph of each child in the class and a photograph of the teacher. It includes the name of the school, the school year and the teacher’s name. These are given out between February and March. The Class Group is a traditional picture where the class is photographed together (usually on risers) on a specific day. Some schools opt to have the Class Group pictures taken during our Fall Sessions and others opt to have them taken during our Spring Sessions.

What’s the Classic Black and White Pack?

This is a sheet of 3 black and white images. One image is 7”x7” and the other two are 3”x3.5”. All have a border around them.

What is the High Resolution Image Download?

It’s a web-based download of your student’s image at full resolution, meaning you can print all the sizes we can print. You will receive a slip of photo paper with a safety card and the copyright release printed on it. This gives you directions to the website where your child’s photo is secured and it gives you the Image Locator Code to download to your computer. From there you can email it to a photo lab or save it to a CD/thumbdrive that you can bring to any photo lab of your choice to have prints made.The image is completely yours for personal use only. The image may NOT be used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Dorian Studio, Inc. (i.e. McDonald’s ad campaign, posted on public transportation, dentist office insert,etc.)

Can I get a CD instead of an Image Download?

By purchasing the Image Download, you can then request a free CD to be sent to you. When you enter your Image Locator Code at and click Get Download, you will have the option to opt out of a download and to receive a CD instead.

What name will appear on my personalized photos?

If you choose to personalize your package, the name will appear on the photos is based on information provided by the school. We can only use the legal name registered at the school. To have your student’s nickname printed on your order, please contact us three weeks after Picture Day by calling 1-800-826-3535.

Do we have a choice of font or border when we order the Personalization Option?

No, they will appear as shown on the order form.

What year shows on my personalized photos?

The date will appears as the 4-digit year the photo was taken. Thus, if the photo was taken anytime from August through December of the school year, the personalization would have that year. But if the image was captured from January through June of the school year, the personalization would show that year.

What’s a School Calendar?

This is a 7x10 inch photo sheet containing your student’s image with the calendar year starting in October and ends the following September.

What’s a Gift Tag Sheet?

These come on one 8x10 inch sheet of photo paper that includes 12 gift tags to be cut apart and used for various holiday gift-giving.

What’s a Safety Card?

Included with every package ordered is an identification card for your child. It includes their current image and places for you to write in their age, eye color, height and weight.

I didn’t get my Safety Card.

This item is only included with the package options. It is not available for purchasing and is not given with A La Carte only orders. If you did order a package but did not receive the “Safety Card,” please contact Customer Support through either the online support form or by calling 1-800-826-3535.

What is the 48-Page Softbound Journal?

This is a lined book for journaling that measures 5.25x8.25 inches. It includes a picture of the student on the front cover with a bubble that reads “Thoughts from (student’s name).”

What is the Acrylic Desktop Plaque?

A photo panel is mounted onto ¼ inch thick hardboard with an easel. The plaque measures at 5x7 inches and is protected with UV coating.

What is the Premium Metal Magnet?

A 4x4 inch high gloss metal print with a magnet on the back.

What is the 2 Piece Diecut Magnet?

One piece is 4.5x2.5 inches with the year printed on it. The second piece is 6.75x4.5 inches with inspirational words.

What are Mini-Wallets?

These are 1.5x2 inch prints. They are typically used for the kids to exchange with their friends. If you are looking for a standard wallet-size, that would be our 2x3 inch size photos.

Can I get a photo bigger than an 8x10?

Yes, we offer 10x13 inch prints for $20.00 and 11x14 inch prints for $25.00. Larger prints have a $5.00 shipping/handling charge plus applicable tax. These must be placed at least three weeks after Picture Day as a Reorder.