School Administrators Dances


With a commitment to success, we offer a complete dance program.   It begins by collaborating with your dance committee to create a cohesive theme.  This includes the integration of a custom background, ticket design, and the production of eye catching promotional posters.  On the day of the dance, our professional and experienced photographers are committed to making every couple look their best.  Our photographers will add to the success of your event by brining a fun and helpful attitude.  After your event, your picture will be produced in our state of the art production facility.  Our experts will make sure your dance portraits are returned quickly and with the quality you deserve.

Call today and we will help your committee get started...  Ask your representative about possible promotions:

  • Over 500 backgrounds to choose from or let us create one for you
  • Custom posters, tickets, and invitations are available
  • New creative products
  • Industry leading turn around
  • Retouching available to make each couple look their best
  • Premium folders and displays